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Hmm...this is my third raya in a foreign land. Well, not-so-foreign anymore kot i have to say. hehe. 3 years in Sheffield already. Time sure does flies SO fast! another 3 years (including this year) to go. But then, if i decided to stay and do my F1 and F2 here, so maybe i will have to extend another 2 years kot insyaAllah. We'll see how thing goes. *wink wink* hehehe

Anyways, my first day raya kat sini was not as 'happening' as last year! hehe. So many weird things happened on the first day raya. Well, to begin with, we were damn shocked when we found out that UK is going to celeberate Eid on Friday rather than Saturday! We were all kind of expecting (dengan over confidentnya) that Eid will fall on Saturday. Oh well, suprise suprise! Despite still being overwhelmed with shock, we still managed to cook some delicacies for takbir raya that night (thanx to Elly, d pro bihun chef, everything went well! ).

The first day raya. Woke up quite late. hehe. Ended up cramming the remaining 2 hours to cook rendang n pulut kuning. Siap call mama. Do you know what she says? "Masak je la kari..cicah ngan roti. Cukup la tu" hehehehhe. mama oh mama~

Amazingly, within that 2 hours, we managed to get the rendang ready! hehe. Makan with roti prata. Ok la tuh. Sedap jugak! hehe. Then, we catched the tram to PMC, and got there quite late. Alhamdulillah they have juz started on the first rakaat of Solat Sunat Raya. Kalau terlepas solat raya, confirm nangis! huhu

We left PMC around 11-ish. Hoping to hop on the tram to go back to Uni tram station. But unfortunately, a fire had juz burned down a part of a factory near the tram stop. So, as a consequence, nothing is allowed to pass that area. Including the trams! huhu. So, we had to walk all the way from Woodbourn Road tram stop to Nunnery Square Park & Ride tram stop in our baju raya! hehe. Thank god i was not wearing my heels! hihi

The tram took quite a while to arrive, but oh well, at least we did not have to walk all the way back to town in our baju raya! hehe. I rushed to the 1 pm SSC feedback class later on in my baju kebaya. I juz could not take the stares from those people around me! They must think i am attending some sort of costume party or whatsnot! hehe. I juz hate the stares SO much and felt like leaving the lecture hall straight away! But thankfully, the session did not last that long. I ran home straight after the session ends! huhu

Later on, we went to my foster family's house in Firth Park. Again, I managed to get ourselves lost. huhu. (tu la akibat pergi umah mak angkat time raya je! hehe). And yea that's it. As sad as it sounds, that is the only house that we went to on the first day raya. hehe. After we get back from Firth Park, which is aroun 5 pm, we've decided that it was too boring to juz stay at home on the first day of Eid, so we've juz made a random decision. Which is to go and 'beraya' at Tesco! hahahahha. Which we did! hehe. Now, that was totally random!

Now the second day was when the spirit of Eid comes to live. Hehe. We went out from 11 am till 8 pm, beraya sakan to 10 postgraduates' houses. Hehehehe. We ate and ate and ate till we could not eat anymore! Astaghfirullahal'azim.hehehe. On the third day, we still managed to continue our raya mission by paying our visits to 4 houses. And oh yes, u guessed it right. We ate and ate again!

Oh gosh. We sure do eat a lot! huhu. This is so worrying! heheheh. Now, we sort of have some kind of guilt conscience for eating a bit TOO much, so we've decided to burn all of those calories that we've built! hehehe. Jogging jooommmm. heheh. Alhamdulillah, up till now, we are still consistent in doing so. Hope this enthusiasm to jog will not die off after a while!

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Birmingham Trip!

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It was girls' day out! I don't remember the exact number of people that had joined the trip. Organized by SMSA under Special Task biro, a handful of us with XX chromosomes went all d way to Birmingham for a trip to Cadburry's chocolate factory and of course not forgetting, shopping trip at Bullring!

Our shuttle arrived late. not a bit late. it was like 30 minutes late! huh. so, we ended up arriving Birimingham late. We had actually missed the time for our cadburry tour, but alhamdulillah, Allah had helped us. We managed to join the next tour, without any fuss!

The tour to Cadburry was fun. Felt like a kid again. Especially when we were on that 'ride' through the wonderland~

We did not manage to buy anythin at Bullring though. Everything seems to be so expensive. Can't manage to find Primark. hahaha. Ended up taking loads of pictures instead.

Well, it was a jolly trip though. Loved it~!

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Annual Dinner

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We've had our very first SMSA's Annual Dinner on 20th April 2007.

This was our very first time organizing such event, and i hafto say, it went quite well!

The event was meant to be a token of appreciation from us to the final year students who will be leaving us soon. We've subsidized plenty for the food, and as a result, alhamdulillah, LOADS of people turned up!

Love the food, Love the ambience, and most importanly, LOVE the people!

Everyone simply looked so gorgeous and stunning in their very own way. We don't usually dressed up that often, so this is one of the few chances for us to do so! hehe.

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eLLy & zack at Doncaster
me & zack..look how sunny the day was!
nyum2! ;)
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baru balik dari doncaster. hehe. sblm semangat nak study datang smula, baik aliaa tulis photoblog dulu. alang2 dah dapat gambar dari elly. heheheh.

d weather was sunny and lovely. puas dapat lepas gian shopping and makan pizza hut! hehe. makan lama betul. hehe.

ape2 pon, thanx korang for d lovely day. malam ni sambung study!! chayo2!!

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Trip to Turkey 26 - 30 March 2007

discussing bout how to get to Luton..kot. hehe
alhamdulillah, dh sampai Turkey. Briefing sket by amir perjalan.
Dalam cab, on the way to our hostel.
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Seribu satu kenangan. Or maybe, even more than that. I love every single itsy-bitsy thing about Turki. Well, maybe masa memula sampai tuh rasa cam..ok, this looks like KL jer..hehe. Sampaikan ada orang tuh siap komen nak balik UK terus. haha. But then, as days passed by, i am slowly falling head over heels over Turkey!

Too many sweet memories. Macam2 peristiwa menarik berlaku sepanjang kat Turkey.

Kenangan di Luton Airport. Sempat ktorang wat circle, diskus bout sejarah penawanan Kota Konstantinopole by Sultan Muhammad Al-Fatih. Pastu, kami yg perempuan ni siap tidur pakai sleeping bag nih kat atas lantai airport Luton! hehe.

Kenangan berborak ngan Elly sampai pagi buta. Padahal time tuh dah penat giler. Borak tak ingat! huhu. Sampai kene tegur ngan orang bilik sebelah.

Kenangan dapat celebrate my 22nd birthday kat Istanbul! hehe. Bought ourselves a birthday cake. P makan kat tengah2 hallway hostel. Buat bising (takde la bising mana pon rasanye) sampai kene tegur 2 kali. ish2. Terima kasih korang

Kenangan balun Burger King and McD!haha. Mentang2 kat UK takleh makan. Kempunan sungguh kami ni rupenye. hehe. Dkat Istanbul gak la kitorang tau rahsia pemakanan sebenar kaum adam. hahahah. jgn mara~

Kenangan makan nasi pelik kat restoran ape ntah. Adeh. Memula mmg lapar giler, so thats y siap minx pakcik tuh tambah sket nasik. Lepas tuh, once start makan...ishhh...masing2 dok main kuis2 makanan. hehe. Dia letak some sort of preservatives dalam makanan tuh. Siyes, tak lalu. huhu. kesian nasi. Mahal plak tuh! huhu

Kenangan yang mmg tak boleh dilupakan is the night before kitorang balik. Time tu kelua makan dinner. Sanggup p jalan sampai ke city centre tuh. Pastuh, ramai2 masuk satu kedai ni (slps diberi harapan palsu oleh Zul. haha). Lepas dah duduk2 n tgk menu, tgk2 makanan dlm menu tak sebest mana. So, smua selamba je kelua dari restoran tuh dengan muka dek. hahaha. I can still remember muka pakcik restoran tuh. Gile tak puas ati. huhu. berdebar dowh time tuh! Last2 makan McD jugak! hhehe.

Kenangan dkt kedai jual pashmina kat area hostel kitorang tuh. Gile lama spent time kat situ. i think it was almost for 2 hrs kot lepak dalam tuh. Rombak abis kedai pakcik tuh. Haha. Siap buat adegan merapiks di penghujung nya. hehe. Lawak je la mereka2 ni. Adegan apa? Biarlah ktorang aje yg tau kot. hehe.

Kenangan shopping kat Grand Bazaar. Aish..i SO loathe bargaining. Dah ler i am d kind yg tak suke org paksa2 nih..pastu kat Bazaar tuh asyik kene paksa beli barang. Tak beli, tarik muka masam. Ishhhh..mmg geram. Shopping spree tuh buatkan org tensi plaknyer. Dak laki lagi terer bargain dari pompuan.huhu. itu terbukti!

The trip was worth every single penny spent. I love it.


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